General Maintenance

General Maintenance

We have gained wide range of experience in the different fields of building maintenance (Plumbing-Electrical-HVAC and cleaning) and facility management. Furthermore, in our effort to always strive for service excellence we have developed our own unique Standard Operating Procedure, which has proven effective for so many years in consistently meeting our clients’ unique needs.

key Benefits

  • 1 Complete Property Maintenance Management Services
  • 2 Floor Maintenance & Restoration Services
  • 3 All kinds of maintenance, renovation and refurbishment works

Maintenance work that is carried out to preserve an asset in order to enable its continued use and function, above a minimum acceptable level of performance, over its design service life, without unforeseen renewal or major repair activities. Reasons for Maintenance.


In the maintenance literature is generally recognized that maintenance philosophies can be grouped into three board categories

Maintenance tasks are intentionally with held until an asset stops working or starts failing.Maintenance is then performed as necessitated.

Maintenance tasks are performed at regular intervals, based on industry expected equipment life spans and failure patterns.

Maintenance is conduced only when it is confirmed necessary through the use of non-destructive tests that detect potential failure conditions before their occurrence.